Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Erica Shine

I've been sitting here for a while trying to think about what I should say about Erica Shine. I have to admit that the first time I saw Erica's album cover I thought I had to see what was inside. I wasn't at all ready for what I heard. My first thought was, "A face like an Angel and a voice to match." The best way to experience Erica is just to listen to her music.

I've had the pleasure to swap emails a few times with this bright articulate artist and she really has her act together, if you will pardon the pun for a moment. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and lived in Japan before making her move to The West Coast of the USA, making her tri-literate and allowing her the versatility to hit the huge Asian music market as well.

Topping the charts, Erica got a Grammy nod for her single Intoxicating on her first album by the same name with her twin sister in their electronica pop duo Fantasy Twins, before going out on her own for her first solo rock single album “When Will It End”.

In her music Erica, takes you on an emotional journey exploring the trials, tribulations, and inspiring joys of love. The music explores new emotional depths and inspires fans as she plays the edges where both a new found softness and personal strength meet. The brightness and clarity of her voice is like a ray of hope piercing brooding night skies.

Something tells us we are going to hear a lot about this Asian born beauty in the not so distant future.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Alexa Rank

How Ricefieldradio.com is ranked around the world:
6,065,094 Alexa Traffic Rank - 61,036 for Thailand @ricefieldradio

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wishs for HM the King

From all the staff and listeners at Ricefield Radio we wish HM The king a swift and full recovery. May he be blessed with continued long life.

The King, 81, was admitted to the hospital for treatment 34 days ago. This was the first time he had been seen in public since.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Asian leaders to launch 'historic' rights body

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture that came with this article speaks volumes of human rights in the area. One can only think surmise that this is just lip service to human rights given the dismal record of many of the countries supporting it.

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HM the King appears in public

Thailand's 81-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej appeared in public Friday for the first time since he was hospitalized over a month ago at a Bangkok hospital.His appearance came a day after the palace pronounced his health "stable," adding that it would stop daily updates unless his condition changes.

Wearing a light-blue short-sleeved shirt, Bhumibol was wheeled in an electric wheelchair into a closed-off area of the hospital compound to pay respect to the portrait of his late mother.He was surrounded by hundreds of well-wishers who shouted out "Long Live The King" and put their hands together in prayer....

"The committee of royal physicians reported that his majesty the king's overall condition is stable. He is physically stronger," a statement from the Bureau of Royal Household said Wednesday evening, adding that the medical team will continue to give him a full dose of antibiotics, and that the king has a good appetite and is sleeping well.

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Cambodia will not extradite Thaksin on any request

Cambodia issued a statement Friday, saying it would not extradite the former Prime Minister Thaksin Sinawatra if requested by the Thai government.

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Thaksin to be my economic advisor

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen declared on Thursday that he planned to appoint ex-Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as his economic advisor.

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ANGGUN - Sexier than a F1 Ferrari

ANGGUN an Indonesian beauty is Sexier than a F1 Ferrari and sings up a storm in English and French as well. Ocassionally you stumble onto an artist that seems to have it all. Anggun just might be one of those that will hit it very big.

Crossing the ocean, finding the courage to start all over again… London first, then Paris and key meetings that would lead her to sign with a major French record company in 1997. The first fruit of this new life was "Au nom de la Lune" (the title of the international version was "Snow On The Sahara"), released in 1998. Her second album, "Désirs Contraires" (international version "Chrysalis") came in 2000. Both were silken showcases for the singer’s voluptuous sensitivity.She scored a significant success in France with "La Neige Au Sahara" (the most widely-played single on the radio in 1998) and a Double Gold for the album. More than thirty-five countries were conquered by her charm. America and its dreams were close. Her exotic soul tinted with a very French elegance was triumphantly received in Italy. The figures speak for themselves…
The first album was certified Triple Platinum Export (more than 900,000 copies sold), Double Platinum in Italy, Gold in France, Gold in Switzerland, Gold in Singapore, Gold in Finland, Platinum in Malaysia, Triple Platinum in Indonesia, etc. The album even entered the Billboard HeatSeekers Charts Top 20 in the USA! The single "Snow On The Sahara" (the English version of "La Neige au Sahara") was certified Gold Export, reaching No. 1 in Italy, No. 1 in Spain, No. 5 in the UK Club Charts, etc.
The second album was also a major success, certified Platinum Export. It went Gold in Italy in just a week! The first single reached the Top 5 in Europe.

This year, Anggun has received the prestigious honour of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French Minister of Culture, in recognition of her international success and services to French culture. A short time ago, she agreed to act as a spokesperson for the United Nations in the field of targeted programmes aimed at eradicating underdevelopment.

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Abhisit: Thaksin the major stumbling block

Abhisit: Thaksin the major stumbling block. http://bit.ly/4aQEPJ Once again our Oxford trained PM has looked in the mirror and said, "Mirror mirror on the wall" and once again he has seen an image not of himself but of Thaksin. Our PM knows he is not supported by the populous, he knows he has no chance of winning an election against this reflection and he knows that those that put him in power could pull his plug at any time. Not an enviable position for anyone to be in. No wonder his so wishy washy and waffling all the time.

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Public Service Announcements

We offer Free Public Service Announcements related to Thailand. It's easy as 1-2-3. Just go to our main web page and click on "Contacts". Send us your request and as long as it meets broadcast rules and we have time we will broadcast your announcement either as a stand alone or as a tag on to the Thai newscast on the half hour.

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Abhisit: Thailand to seek Thaksin's extradition if he stays in Cambodia

Thailand to seek Thaksin's extradition if he stays in Cambodia. http://bit.ly/4rbR2B Well we have news for him. Extraditions from anywhere take years. Look at the Viktor Bout case in Thailand that has been frustrating the USA. Even better yet, the case of Rakesh Saxena where Thailand has been trying for a decade to have him extradited from Canada. He's still living in his posh waterfront Bayshore Condo and it doesn't look like Thailand is going to get him back any time soon.

So for Thailand to even consider trying to extradite Thaksin from Cambodia, if he even ever goes there, they will have to hope for a miracle because he'll still be in Cambodia long after the Democrat boat has passed under the bridge of obscurity.

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Now we have the Latest French Music Releases

We have joined with a group in Paris called Francophonie Diffusion. A French music platform for radios worldwide for the international radio promotion of French and Francophone music. This is huge for us as it allows us to offer the latest French music releases that are being played on French radio, while still adhering to the Creative Commons concept.

We broadcast world music that we feel the English and foreign community will enjoy. The artists are from around the world often singing in their native language that may not be English but European or Asian. The music genre is just as varied, jazz, blues, pop, folk, Celtic, SKA, reggae and even a bit of Techno thrown in.. You will however, have a hard time finding much RAP on Ricefield Radio.

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Ricefield Radio Blog Update

We have decided to blog a bit more and to use our blog to post items that our listeners may find interesting. This will include Station Updates, Breaking News, General News and sometimes opinion articles. It will automatically post to our Twitter account so if you are not already, you can follow us at http://twitter.com/ricefieldradio

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Test Post on Blogger to redirect to Twitter

Test Post on Blogger to redirect to Twitter

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