Thursday, April 30, 2009

We are now "LIVE" 24/7

We are now live and ahead of schedule.

We still have lots of things to do but out new website is up and running but with a few glitches.

We still have to access the stream for things like artist and song listings but that's in the future.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Working toward 24/7

We are working toward broadcasting 24/7.

That's right 24 hours a day, all day every day. We were wanting to be broadcasting already but our spare computer just was not up to the job so we have to get some more computing power and some extra equipment. We are however testing the software and so far everything is working flawlessly.

The biggest problem is sorting the thousands of albums we have and compressing them down to the bit-rate we need for broadcasting.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Today's Radio Editorial - The Aftermath

Many things happened this week in Thaiyanmar.

The government enacted an emergency decree allowing the Military to come out onto the streets with guns blazing. We only shot live rounds into the air they said, but we shot blanks at the protesters to protect ourselves. What!!!!

That makes no sense to even irrational or deranged people. No one was killed they say but eye witnesses declared that they saw bodies being loaded into trucks. One distraught lady on Al Jazeera TV said they shot and killed her husband and took away his body she has not seen him since. Only now is the extent coming out. Most of those in hospital have gunshot wounds, obviously inflicted by those blank rounds. When the bodies started to wash up on the banks of the river, they were officially "robbery victims" with arms tied behind their back and bludgeoned, from reports we have, in the back of the head.

The oppression does not stop there. DTV was taken off the air for national security but more likely so they couldn't broadcast what was going on live. Then there are the pro red community stations the shut down upcountry and the number of websites they have blocked count in the hundreds.

Abhisit must realize by now that you cannot treat as worthless and subvert Thailand's rural poor and ever come out ahead, unless of course you take away their voting rights and make them second classcitizens again.

The reds may not have won the battle of Black and Bloody Sonkran but they will win the war. Eventually the pu yai and the elites will have to go to their knees because the rural poor have been empowered, for better or worse, and they are not going to give up quickly or easily. For now we have to live in Thaiyanmar but eventually the dream of a true Thai Democracy will become a reality. If not in mine maybe in my son's lifetime.

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We will Return

Ricefield Radio that is not necessarily the Red shirts. We had to take this turbulent week off when my mother had a major stroke and passed away. It's been a busy time for us and we just did not have the time and where with all to do the complete show on Wednesday.

Friday we will have a full show and reports on what's been going on in Bangkok and around the country. One thing that concerns us it the crackdown on pro-red Community radio stations in the North and Northeast. We will have reports on that as well as other things the Government of Mark is doing to subvert our rights by blocking pro red websites while letting venomous pro yellow ones completely off the hook.

See you at 1:00pm Friday.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's Radio Editorial - Bloody Sonkran

This is our editorial in print for Monday April 1

Following their catastrophic failure to provide even the vestiges of security for the Asean summit leaders the Abhisit government declared a state of emergency in Bangkok, rather than admitting their total incompetent failure by resigning and calling an election.

In a move that could only be described as a retaliatory operation to deflect the criticism and save some face for the botched security at Asean, Abhisit and the government ordered fully armed troops with real bullets into the fray. The troops started firing and at airtime 77 people were injured some seriously. For those that did not previously agree that the Military brokered the deal to put Abhisit into power now have their evidence that the military would make a deal with the devil to cling to power and get their new toys and a bigger budget, a budget that they used to overthrow the government in 2006 and to shoot at protesters today.

Abhisit now has his dream of going down in Thai history as another Burmaesque leader that tried to quell Democracy with the use of bullets and force rather than at the ballot box, this is now Thailand's "Bloody Sonkran".

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Ricefield Radio Logo

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