Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lost in Space

Lately I've been a bit MIA. I have not died or been arrested and I'm not on the run from anyone or anything. 

About a month ago I did something to my back and the doctor thought I may have herniated a disk.  Pain is not a word to describe it and anyone with a back problem can sympathize, at least a bit.  He put me on some medication that helped but knocked me out cold.  Once I recuperated a bit, I decided to take a bit of a hiatus and look at some property while I waited for the results of the CT and other things.

The good news is my back is not as bad as we had originally thought.  I have 2 bulging disks but some other minor stuff that is causing the pain.  I need to have a special procedure, non surgical, done that should curtail the problem temporarily but I do have arthritis that's not going to go anywhere.

Also I had to go to a specialist over a mole I had removed some months ago.  It was biopsied and found to be cancerous.  What luck can one have in a few months.  He was to remove the thing but opted not to because of a problem with involvement of two ligaments of my eye.  Seems that if he did it there is a good chance I could not close my eye.  Hmmm.  Now the kicker.  We maintain our Canadian Medical coverage and I have this special operation set up for February for this MOHS Micro-graphic surgery in Vancouver,BC. I'm not sure which I'm most not looking forward to, the trip or the surgery.  Now if nothing else pops up I'm back.

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