Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Abhisit and his Damn Gucci Loafers

It's probably not that fair mentioning Abhisit's footwear with the flip-flop scandal and all but I just can't help it.  He such a, well can I say it, an Elitist.

He's so out of touch with people I just have to have a good old belly laugh every time I see one of these photo-op pictures of him in a totally alien environment.  For him that's everything North or South of Bangkok.

If you look at the picture on the right you can almost hear him saying as he points,  "Is that a Kwai over there neck deep in the water?" or " We should have brought our water-skis.". He just looks so out of place like he's more worried about getting his Gucci Loafers damp, than helping those in need.

As for those Military types in the boat behind well they can't get out because all those medals and bling would either tarnish or weigh them down. Having a few of them drown wouldn't be a big loss to the country there are thousands more to take their place, in a vacant post at full pay.  These guys lead from behind and that's the last thing you want from a military in an emergency situation.

Take a quick look at General Russell Honere during the New Orleans Disaster and then look at these guys they look like they are going to the Officers Ball not a huge disaster.  Do they even own fatigues or is it below their cast to wear them.

That's what we want from the Military Generals not a bunch of people going on a boat cruise.

Now look at the left of the picture.  That's how the local people are helping themselves loaded on a tractor without any military or police help in sight.  That's the Northeast that city folk don't know or understand.   The closeness of the people.  Unless we can link it somehow to HiSo shopping and lunch with a girly friend at Zen, they just don't understand.

Now look at the far right of the picture.  There sits an empty boat couldn't it have been put to better use helping flood victims than sitting there empty?  Or is it a backup so that if Abhisit's boat springs a leak they can use it so his Gucci Loafers don't get wet.

I feel that I have to make a bit of a clarification as a friend Tweeted me and said that he doubted Abhisit wears loafers because of his English public school upbringing.  I do have to agree but the Gucci loafer comment is meant as a commentary on his upbringing, attitude and the fact that he has little or no idea what life is like on the other side of the coin. After all a pair of those plug ugly suckers will set you back a minimum of $450USD which is about 2 times the monthly wage of a Thai worker making over the minimum wage he has just put forward.   

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Media in Thailand faces increasing crackdown

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