Sunday, July 11, 2010

Global Dance Session

Starting next Saturday night at 1:00am

'Global Dance Session' is an upfront 2 hour uninterupted dance music radio show that is aired across the world on FM on a weekly basis. It's mixed and presented by Brian 'Cheets ' Cheetham and incorporates a weekly guest mix by the biggest names in Dance exclusively for 'Global Dance Session'.

‘Global Dance Session’ is a high-caliber weekly radio show encompassing all genres of Electronica. Every week, GDS presents a star guest-DJ for an hour-long presentation. Past acts include David Morales, Paul Van Dyk, Krafty Kuts, Sister Bliss, Deep Dish, Stonebridge, Tiesto, Axwell, Groove Junkies, and numerous other stars of the scene.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Post on Bangkok Pundit

I have written a guest post on Bangkok Pundit, just click the above link.

I had initially been asked to write a few but I declined while at the same time leaving the door ajar.  It's not that it wasn't very flattering, because it was, as they get way more traffic than this little blog.  I could have had my Warholian 15 minutes of fame.  

The fact is I don't thrive in a pressured environment I don't like deadlines, as I found out with a small newspaper.  I like to chew on what I'm going to say for a time and look at it in differing ways from differing angles.  I actually enjoy commenting on other people's work the most.  Maybe I'm just a bit lazy, shy or paranoid.  I'm sure no intellectual or academic by any stretch of the imagination.

I'd been thinking, yes I have that ability on occasion, about the way CRES seemed to be taking over the country and dictating to the elected officials.  CRES in the most part is appointed as set down in the Thai Emergency Situation Law which was never intended to deal with protests but emergencies against the state.  I still fail to see what a bunch of people singing on stage demanding elections has to do with and emergency.  There wasn't one until the military, armed to the teeth, were used for crowd control.  Then all hell broke loose.  As in the previous year there was not a problem until the government, who felt very pressured, instated the SOE. 

If you throw the first punch you are hard pressed to call the recipient of it the assaulter.  This is what the Government has done and shame on them.

So, I decided to write a post for Bangkok Pundit.

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